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What we have accomplished!

Adapt the sales processes used by unicorns

Businesses served
Emails sent
Meetings booked
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Avg. Open rate

Why Your Sales Team Is Not Booking As many meetings as you like

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Poor Deliverability

Most emails you send never land in your prospect's inbox. This leads to wasted time, wasted effort, and wasted opportunity. Most emails go to the SPAM folder or are blocked by your prospects' defense systems.

Group of people icon
Generic Messaging

Are your emails relevant to your prospects? Do you send the same email to all your ICPs even if they care about different things? A CEO of a company vs a Sales leader focuses on very different day-to-day tasks. You need to send emails that are highly relevant to be able to make it worth their time.

Warning symbol icon
Reaching out to the Wrong People

Do you reach out to your prospects when they need your solution the most? Do you ensure the people you reach out to are your ideal prospects? Or do you export accounts in bulk from Zoominfo / Apollo like your competitors?

Flame icon
Low-Leverage Activities

How much time does your team spend doing low-leverage activities that generate little to no revenue? Entering CRM records, Manually sending emails, waiting time reading irrelevant replies, cleaning lists etc. etc. etc.? How much time can you save if all of this is automated?

Introducing Deliverability Ninja

100% Deliverability
Gear with checkmark icon

We’ve developed a system to ensure your emails will land in the inbox every single time. Our system will allow you to get more than 40-50% Open Rates for your automated campaigns.

Personalized emails
Envelope with person inside icon

The emails we send are tailored specifically for your prospects. We help you develop a system that breaks down your Ideal Customer. We help you leverage If/Else Statements, More than 4-5 Data Points and AI to generate 1:1 Emails at scale.

Automate All Low-
Leverage Tasks
3 gears with arrow icon

We believe sales representatives should spend all their time doing the one thing that matters most → selling. We do a complete breakdown of all your manual processes and help you automate them.

In-House Scrapers
Scraping globe and database icon

We will help you find your ideal prospect from anywhere on the internet. We have built in-house-scrapers and will leverage all the tools necessary for you.

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Who we've done it for

How One Claim Solutions generated more than $150,000 within 90 days

One Claim Solutions had extremely low open and reply rates in June 2022. They had an email infrastructure with poor deliverability and were getting no positive responses.


Within 45 days of working together, One Claim Solutions saw a massive change in their outbound prospecting.
We worked together to create an infrastructure for high-deliverability, create new campaigns using best practices, and find targeted leads.

How went from spam to the Inbox within 20 days
Before was facing major deliverability issues before working with us. All their emails, including those to current clients, went into SPAM.
This led to considerable business risk and an urgent problem.


We helped them resolve all their deliverability issues within 20 days. None of their emails go to SPAM now.
We also helped transform outbound prospecting into one of their biggest revenue channels.

How Transcend generated more than 120 Qualified Leads (More than 3M in the pipeline) within 160 days

Transcend had no revenue from outbound prospecting. They were launching a new product in the market and were working to build demand.


We helped them create a system with one of our most successful campaigns. The system helped generate over 120 Qualified Leads (3M in pipeline).

Transcend is at capacity with the pipeline and will be able to close most of these leads. Their outbound prospecting system helped them showcase product market fit and close a funding round of $20M led by Autodesk, Inc., PureTerra Ventures, HG Ventures, Aspen Capital Group, Riverstone Holdings LLC, and Arosa Capital

Image of client campaign results
How Ypulse generated 72+ Enterprise leads in 5 months and Meetings with…

Ypulse was using Salesloft and had significant deliverability issues. Their campaigns involved sending emails that had 0 responses and a lot of bounces


We worked with Ypulse to create a cold email system designed for high deliverability. This system allowed them to significantly increase outbound leads. They generated more than 72 outbound leads and meetings with Rolex, Snapchat, Bose and More

And 25+ More...

Our Process

We have crafted a process that ensures maximum ROI for you and your team. All companies are different, and some require more time than others. Our 3-Month Process allows us to build an outbound prospecting system that will help you generate more meetings than you ever have and ensure complete knowledge transfer.

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Auditing and Systems Build
We audit your current campaigns and processes
We reverse engineer your prospects' defence systems
We create an email infrastructure to get you 100% Deliverability
We automate your sales process
We create in-house scrapers for you
We create new campaigns and build lead lists for you
Deliverability Ninja Leads Campaigns
Enablement Training for your sales team
Technical Training for your sales team
Live Campaign Testing (Minimum 3)
Weekly Live Calls
Weekly Campaign Statistics discussion and Improvement
Sales Team Leads Prospecting
Sales Team uses the latest methods of email outbound
Weekly Calls to Discuss Campaigns
Live Feedback
Personalized Dashboard to Measure Performance

What you get

A Superior Outbound Prospecting System (OWNED BY YOU)
Gear sign over computer with person looking at graph icon
Email Infrastructure

A system that allows you to send emails to your prospects inbox. (Send as many emails as your Total Addressable market allows)

Scraping globe and database icon
Custom In-house Scrapers

Scrapers built just for you. You will own these scrapers and can pull in as much information as you need

Graph moving upwards with speaker phone icon
Weekly Campaign Statistics

Weekly Updates for all your campaigns. Understand how your campaigns are performing.

Two hands shaking icon
1-On-1  Support

Get 1:1 support for all your email related problems.

3 gears with arrows icon
Automations For all Low-Leverage Tasks

We will help automate all your low-leverage tasks so that you can focus on selling. We use custom APIs, Webhooks and

Target on page document icon
Highly Targeted Campaigns

We help create campaigns that resonate with your prospects. Step away from sending generic campaigns that do not recieve any responses.

slack animated icon orange
Dedicated Slack Channel

Our clients get a dedicated slack channel where they can ask any/all questions. 
(Reponse SLA : 15 minutes)

Dashboard icon orange
Personalized Dashboard

We help you create personalized dashboards that can track all your important metrics.

Meet namit

Namit Jindal

I started my career at Socio - an event tech company that was acquired by Cisco. Being a part of Socio helped me understand how an advanced sales process is the first foundation to achieving success.

As I started building out sales processes for companies as a freelancer, I witnessed a massive gap in the market.

Most companies send emails that do not land in the prospects’ inbox. Some companies send the same emails to all their prospects - (500-employee companies vs. 100 Employee Companies).

For the past 1.5 years, I have spent all my time (More than 60 Hrs/Week) studying, improving, and brainstorming different methods to send cold emails. I live in the cold email space and aim to help companies get in front of their prospects.

Ready to work?

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? don’t worry, we have answers!
What’s the price?

The price varies depending on the number of meetings you would like to book, the complexity of your current processes and the integrations you would require.

We guarantee we can double your reply rates within 90 days.

What will happen on our first call?

Our goal for our first call is to understand your current processes and how we can help you.
We only work with companies who will see a revolutionary difference after they work with us.

If you have a couple of problems, we would be able to help you on the first call and solve them for free.

Do I own the systems?

The systems we build for you are completely owned by you. You will run them in-house and we will help improve your team's performance.

How will you integrate emails with our CRM?

We will create processes that will automatically record everything to your current CRM. We help integrate our processes with all major CRMs

What if I already use an email sequencer? 

We can help integrate the new email infrastructure with your current sequencer.

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